This 3-hour course is designed for you to complete the material as it suits you. The training includes knowledge checks to test your understanding of the content, NSQHS Standards evidence checks and ‘questions to consider’ to prompt you to reflect on how your service is performing against the Standards.

If your organisation is a current member of ACHS at the time of purchasing this course, you are entitled to the member discount. If you are unsure of the membership status of your organisation, please contact your Clinical Governance Unit.

Who is this course for?

Health care professionals including:

  • Board, executives and senior managers

  • Departmental or unit team managers

  • Frontline clinical staff

  • Patient safety specialists and quality improvement professionals

Key benefits of e-Learning

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Complete this course and earn 3 CPD points to continue your professional development


Learn on demand whenever and wherever it is convenient to you

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Learning Outcomes

Develop an understanding in:

  • The National Safety and Quality Accreditation Scheme and the National Safety and Quality Heath Service (NSQHS) Standards.

  • How health service organisations are assessed using the PICMoRS method and how to apply the PICMoRS method to review quality and safety systems and processes.

  • Where gaps in the application of NSQHS Standards exist in some healthcare organisations.

  • How a clinical audit program is developed, implemented, and contributes to clinical governance through the monitoring and measurement of quality and safety.

  • The process for providing evidence on how an organisation meets the NSQHS Standards and how assessors evaluate the evidence.

Course Curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome

  2. 2
    • Module 1 - Introduction

    • Introduction

    • Clinical Governance (Standard 1)

    • Partnering with Consumers (Standard 2)

    • Introduction to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards - Part A - Quiz

  3. 3
    • Preventing and Controlling Healthcare-Associated Infection (Standard 3)

    • Medication Safety (Standard 4)

    • Introduction to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards - Part B - Quiz

  4. 4
    • Comprehensive Care (Standard 5)

    • Communicating for Safety (Standard 6)

    • Introduction to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards - Part C - Quiz

  5. 5
    • Blood Management (Standard 7)

    • Recognising and Responding to Acute Deterioration (Standard 8)

    • Introduction to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards - Part D - Quiz

  6. 6
    • Introduction

    • Quality Improvement

    • Validating Safe and High Quality Care

    • PICMoRS Method

    • PICMoRS Method, Pulling It All Together

    • PICMoRS Methodology - Quiz

  7. 7
    • Introduction

    • NSQHS Standard 1 – Clinical Governance Hotspots

    • NSQHS Standard 4 – Medication Safety Accreditation Hotspots

    • NSQHS Standard 5 – Comprehensive Care Accreditation Hotspots

    • NSQHS Standards Accreditation Hotspots - Quiz

  8. 8
    • Introduction

    • Clinical Governance Review

    • Clinical Audit Program

    • Audit Program Evidence

    • Clinical Audit Program - Quiz

  9. 9
    • Introduction

    • Evidence

    • Assessment Process

    • After Assessment

    • Evidence and Evaluation - Quiz

  10. 10
    • Feedback Survey

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